Store Window Mannequins

January 28, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I've been photographing mannequins in store windows.  I like the unpredictability of the results as the amount and direction of reflected light can make a big difference in what is captured by the camera.  The results can be interesting, certainly to me, when I try to determine the amount of the street scene behind me I want reflected onto the glass and, as a result, overlaid onto and around the mannequin.  Almost like when shooting film and forgetting to advance the film...two pictures in one.  Sometimes I try to photograph store window mannequins avoiding all reflections, as if I were not shooting through glass.  Some of these too can be interesting, but, in my opinion, not as interesting as the added complexity one gets with reflected overlays.

Mannequins are the Featured gallery this month, because they are what I'm currently photographing and I like their look.




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