TIMBER Abstracts at Philz in Palo Alto

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 I am pleased to share that eight of my TIMBER series abstracts are currently on display at Philz Coffee 3191 Middlefield Road (Midtown) in Palo Alto, California and will be on display there through October.  In December, this exhibit will move to San Francisco as a collaborative presentation by Paolo Mejia Art Gallery and Caffe Union.

The photographic images in the TIMBER series are of cut and fallen trees from California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, modified in post-processing to create something different from the original.

Although much of my photography is about creating something different from what I see through the lens of my camera, this exhibit represents a departure from my usual subjects which are people. I enjoyed creating these images, I invite you to view them.

If you are not able to see the images in person, they, along with my other work, can be viewed on my website: www.jacksonarts.net.

Any feedback you are interested in providing will be appreciated.

Best Regards,
Bill Jackson



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